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Gina Parsons ConsultingHave you sometimes not kept up with training on the newest technologies?

Not only do new technologies that affect your business come out every year, but the pace of which old technology is replaced by new technology is also increasing. Learn the tools and techniques for top performance.

Gina Parsons Consulting training upgrades you and your staff by giving them the chance to see, hear and do. We provide onsite Microsoft Office Training either one-on-one or in a classroom training in Palm Beach County including West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton.Through a wide range of courses and a hands-on approach, students will gain the knowledge they need on how to use the software effectively.

When you invest time, energy, attention and money into training for yourself or your employees you are essentially building confidence and showing employees they are valued.

Training List:

  • General Training Courses
    Computer Basics
    File Management
  • Office 2016 Training Courses
    Access 2016
    Excel 2016
    OneNote 2016
    Outlook 2016
    PowerPoint 2016
    Publisher 2016
    Word 2016
  • Office 2013 Training Courses
    Access 2013
    Excel 2013
    OneNote 2013
    Outlook 2013
    PowerPoint 2013
    Publisher 2013
    Visio 2013
    Word 2013

  • Office 2010 Training Courses
    Access 2010
    Excel 2010
    OneNote 2010
    Outlook 2010
    PowerPoint 2010
    Publisher 2010
    Visio 2010
    Word 2010

Featured Training:

ExcelMicrosoft Excel

Tracking and analyzing data is a large component of daily activity in today’s workplace. Microsoft Excel is a popular choice among individuals and companies for organizing, analyzing, and presenting numerical information.

Learn the practical techniques and skills that will help you accomplish more in less time and get impressive results. Learn the tricks and secrets to creating flawless spreadsheets analyzing data, calculating a loan payment, organizing inventory information, tracking volunteers or donors and displaying your results in a chart.


Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the preferred e-mail program for businesses that links web-based e-mail service with your desktop and mobile devices. Outlook allows you to easily manage your daily priorities and information. Connect with people easily and effectively. Learn to organize e-mail messages, maintain contact information, stay on top of your schedule and manage your list of tasks. Manage all your communication in one place.

PowerPointMicrosoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is an intuitive, powerful presentation graphics program that enables you to create dynamic, multimedia presentations. You can deliver your presentation directly from your computer, overhead proctor on over the Internet. Learn to use PowerPoint’s built in design themes, animations to create an effective, professional presentation. PowerPoint tools help you organize, develop and deliver your presentation.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft saw the need to provide an alternative for the small-business market, where companies do not have a dedicated professional available to create their marketing materials and other documents. Publisher is a desktop program that allows users to create professional-quality documents easier, faster and less expensive. The program offers an easy layout, simple tools, a variety of formatting font styles and graphics. Design templates can be used to create magazines, newsletters, pamphlets and more.

WordMicrosoft Word

Get the most out of Word by learning everything it has to offer. After creating a document, you can make editing changes to format text, organize information for different types of text and different situations. Learn to use tables and graphics to highlight key information and add visual appeal. By getting Microsoft Word training, you'll learn about the features and how to use them. Your job skills will be more marketable and you will be much more productive as a result.

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